Short film – A few wonderful minutes

Category Feature film
Role Production manager

The film was created as part of the Studio Munka program “Thirty Minutes”. Ó, as an immigrant, enters a world where due to the lack of feelings and the disappearance of emotions, people have no inhibitions. There’s no shame, joy, trust, or sadness. Feelings and emotions are bought in the form of drugs. Ó meets Eliza, with whom they indulge in something entirely new on the market – Love. They have to chip in equally, invest the same amount. Unfortunately, the drug stops working on Eliza earlier than on Ó. They try to get more, but the dealer has sold out everything and can’t help Eliza. After such a strong dose, the only way to satisfy the drug craving is with something equally powerful – Eliza reaches for Hatred.

Director Hubert Patynowski
DOP Wawrzyniec Skoczylas