Short film – Nie zmieniaj tematu

Category Feature film
Role Assistant producer

The short film, ‘Nie zmieniaj tematu’ (Don’t change the subject). Polish projects 2019 and the ‘good guys against the fall of rules’. There are three rules in the projects. Simple ones. ‘The first: never cheat your homies. The second: never chicken out, always fight. The third and the most important: never snitch to the cops.’ The survival of the fittest, real life, rap, loyalty and betrayal – in the projects. The debut ‘Nie zmieniaj tematu’ received an award at the FPFF in Gdynia and at the festival in Koszalin. The first prize in the Feature Film category at the ‘Opole Lamy’ 2019 festival. The Audience Award at the International Short Film Forum ‘Cinemaforum’. Award in the Independent Film category: ‘Kino offowe fabu ła 2020’ Solanin Film festival and Jan Machulski Polish Independent Film Award-Nomination at the National Independent Film Competition (until 2009 Amateur) OKFA – Grand Prix.