Rozen – Tańczyć

Category Music video
Role Producer, Production manager

The music video ’Tańczyć’ (To Dance) took the form of a dreamy folk love story narrated from the perspective of two strangers. The two, although they have never met, are linked by a common recurrent dream and a place where they unexpectedly find themselves. The song tells the story of affection, but it also has a second meaning – what we search for in life can be found where we least expect it. The song features vivid lyrics, a folk shtick and a dance vibe. Especially for ‘Tańczyć’, the band’s line-up was expanded to include wind instruments. Guest appearances include Maniucha Bikont and Szczepan Pospieszalski from the band Tęgie Chłopy, as well as Barbara Baska and Kazik Nitkiewicz from the Warsaw Sentimental Orchestra. The music video, which maintains a dancing mood, was directed by Ola Hulbój. The video was a finalist at the Kameralne Lato festival in Radom.

Director Ola Hulbój
DOP Julia Dziworska